Free Scarf Pattern


King Cole Luxury Mohair

And Salsa, Brazilia, Funny

 Or other Eyelash type yarn


Eyelash Yarn: Please check ball band for fiber details - 90 meters required

Luxury Mohair:  78% Mohair, 13% Wool, 9% Nylon


Stitch: Stocking stitch

Width:            approx.  7 inches

Needles:         10mm


Materials:      90 meters of Eyelash yarn and 1 ball of King Cole Luxury Mohair


Scarf:              Cast on 18 stitches holding the two yarns together.

Row 1:            Knit

Row 2:            Knit 2, purl 14, knit 2.

Repeat rows 1 and 2 leaving enough yarn to cast off loosely.                                                                                 


Due to the different yardage of these two yarns, some extra yarn will remain.       

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Libra-Luxury Mohair Pad Pattern